Parents Information and F.A.Q.s


Why so many hours?

Gymnastics is probably the most complex sport there is. Each individual event could be a sport unto itself, yet we ask that the boys to be good at them all. It takes a lot of time to physically prepare them for the skills. Physical preparation is the key to learning safely. As the boys advance in levels, this necessitates and increase in hours to match the increase in complexity. We don't want to take their childhood away or affect their performance in school, so our hours are not as long compared to other gyms

How many meets will my son compete in this year?

We try to compete in about four meets before state. Most of the meets are local, but if your son is at a higher level there may be some traveling.

What are the meet fees?

Unfortunately, meet fees have risen some what. Currently, meet fees range from $60 to $75.

What is the USAG registration fee?

Each year all competitors must register with the USAG, our national governing body. Currently, the registration is $50. Click here to open the registration form. Print it and return it with your check (made out to Gulf Gymnastics) for $50.

What are the uniform costs?

Uniform costs are as follows:

T-Shirt $12 (Must for level 4s)
Warm-ups $50 Levels 5 -10


What is expected of parents at gymnastics meets?

Cheering, cheering, cheering! We do do ask, though, that you limit direct communication with your son during competition. We need their attention focused on what we coaching them on. Parents are, also,required to stay off of the competition floor for insurance reasons.

Can we protest scores?

We are not allowed to protest scores, but we are allowed to inquire. I will inquire when I don't see any reasonable way the score could be arrived at by the judges, but it is extremely rare for a score to change. Under no circumstances are parents to ever approach judges! Also, I will not protest or inquire about the score that a gymnast on another team received.

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